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Dude Food Fire Chili Box


Level up your Chili



Take your chili from woah to WOW with Dude Food Fire's Chili Spice Box. Chef John O’Neil created this special box of four chili spice blends just for Dude Food Fire Spice Company. Inside the box, you get:

Four generous 4 oz packets of unique chili spice blends created from scratch by Chef John:

    • Texas Rojo: The traditional Texas Red Chili started in the mid-1800s in San Antonio, Texas and made its way to chili parlors all over the country. In Texas, it’s simply known as a “bowl of red” and served with onions and cheddar or over a bag of Fritos. This spice blend brings the flavors of Texas Red to any dish including chiles, cumin, garlic, onion, sea salt, paprika, pepper and other spices.

      Good to use with: Ground beef, fish, potatoes.


    • Mimi’s Verde: Chef John’s grandmother Mimi introduced him to the flavors and dishes of New Mexico. He remembers as a child eating her green chile stew made with roast beef instead of pork because that’s how his grandfather liked it. This spice blend honors Mimi with hatch green chile powder, onion, garlic, and cumin.

      Good to use with: Roast beef, pork, chicken, chicken wings, beans, vegetables.


    • Chili Guero: Like the vegetable man with the vegetable stand in Beck’s song Qué Onda Güero, this blend was designed to be a flavor-full but not hot spice blend. With chiles, cumin, garlic, onion, pepper, and spices, this blend is great with chicken or in stew.

      Good to use with: Beans, ground chicken, soup.


    • Veg-Out: This blend comes from Chef John’s favorite vegetarian chili recipe. He likes that this blend can make a dish seem Mexican in origin or Northern African, completely different parts of the world with one spice blend. This blend combines the flavors of chile, cumin, garlic, onion, paprika, pepper, and other spices in a unique combination.

      Good to use with: Beans, fish, chicken, vegetables.

BONUS: Inside the box, you also get a bonus pack of Chef John’s famous Happy Spice – the all-purpose seasoning salt blend.

A reusable old-school metal lunch box branded with Dude Food Fire's logo. This is a great place to store all of your spice blends from Dude Food Fire!

Recipes for making each of the four chilis with each of the chili spice blends.