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Dude Food Fire BBQ Box



Whether it’s brisket, short ribs, baby backs, or butt… they all deserve a good RUB!

Chef John O’Neil created this special box of four BBQ RUB spice blends just for Dude Food Fire Spice company. Inside the box you get:

Four generous packets of unique BBQ RUB spice blends created from scratch by Dude Food Fire

    • Prime: Prime is Chef John’s favorite steak seasoning. He says it is magic for your meat! But don’t save it just for beef – it’s great on chicken, pork and even veggies too. This spice blend is made up of the bold flavors of garlic, paprika, onions, chiles, and other spices! It will even make a good steak shine brighter than the Texas stars at night.

      Good to use with: Steak, beef, pork, buffalo, potatoes, roasted vegetables.


    • Southwest: This rub combines the flavors of cumin, pasilla, ancho dark, and chimayo. It will make you think you are sitting in the back of an old pickup truck watching the sunset over the Sonoran desert in the shadow of a century-old saguaro cactus.

      Good to use with: Beef, pork, chicken, fish, vegetables.


    • Jezebel: This rub combines the sweet flavors of honey and molasses with hatch green chile, arbol, and guajillo chiles like the sweet and spicy love that burns like hell but keeps you coming back for more.

      Good to use with: Chicken wings, vegetables.


    • Sweet Chica: Like a poem written for a girlfriend, this rub blends the sweetness of maple and honey with subtle hints herbs, spice, and smoke. It will take you back to 1987, making out in the back of your Trans-Am.

      Good to use with: Chicken wings, vegetables, pork.

BONUS: Inside the box, you also get a bonus pack of Chef John’s famous Happy Spice – the all-purpose seasoning salt blend.

A reusable old-school metal lunch box branded with Dude Food Fire's logo and a cute red gingham check design reminiscent of a barbecue picnic tablecloth. This is a great place to store all of your spice packets from Dude Food Fire!

Recipes for making barbecue and other dishes with each of the four BBQ RUB spice blends can be found on the Dude Food Fire website.