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Fire Roasted Salsa

Fire Roasted Salsa

You don't have to be a professional chef to make delicious, fire roasted salsa from scratch. In fact, this simple recipe only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. And the best part is you can customize it however you like - with more or less heat, different types of tomatoes, etc. 

There is no denying that nothing beats a fresh batch of homemade salsa. It's perfect for parties, game day, or just because you're in the mood for a quick snack. Check out the ingredients and directions below and create your own homemade salsa that will blow your family away. 


3 Roma Tomatoes; 1 medium onion; 1/4 jalapeno; 2 T Spice Blend (equal parts DFF Southwest Spice, DFF Chili Guero Spice, and salt); 1/8 cup lime juice; 1/8 cup water (if needed) 

Ooni Karu


Roast veggies in cast iron pan over an open fire - ab, 5-10 minutes until they are nicely charred. Chill Slightly to room temperature. Add lime juice and spice blends. Mix all together and enjoy!

It is really that simple and quick, and is guaranteed to impress. Once you try this fire roasted salsa you will never want to go back to store bought salsa again. 

I want to see what you make. Be sure to share your fire roasted salsa and tag me on social media @dudefoodfire.  

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