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Stoke Backyard Pizza Oven

Stoke Backyard Pizza Oven

You will be Stoked about the Stoke!

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Ok, so you're obsessed with pizza like I am. You've been thinking about getting a pizza oven for your backyard cookouts, but you're not sure which one to get. I've got the perfect solution: the Stoke Pizza Oven! This bad boy can reach temperatures up to 900 degrees, so your pizzas will come out crispy and delicious every time. Plus, it's small enough to fit in any backyard or take on your next family trip, so you can enjoy pizza night anytime you want.

Unboxing and Assembly:

First we should talk about set up time. According to their website, the Stoke portable oven can be set up in just 5 minutes. And I am very happy to report that is not an exaggeration. While I am not adverse to some assembly required, the simplicity of taking the Stoke from un-boxing to ready-to-use is definitely an awesome selling point. While assembly time will obviously vary from person to person, it shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes to be set up and ready to get cooking. 

Appearance, Size and Durability:

Stoke offers two gas powered options (13" & 16"), as well as a 13" wood burning oven. All of the ovens are built with a heat resistant steel that is sturdy and durable. The 4 legs (Ooni Karu 12 only has 3) allow for more stability, which is extra helpful if you plan to take your Stoke portable oven on your next camping trip or family outing. And at just over 40 lbs. (13") and 46 lbs. (16") respectively, both Stoke models are easily portable. The durability of the heat resistant steel shell, as well as the extra stability provided by the 4th leg definitely help the Stoke stand out from the competition. 

Stoke Pizza Oven with deep dish

Before you Cook:

Before your 1st cook, it is important to "season" the oven, which simply means to burn off any contaminants left behind during the manufacturing process. This process is simple. Light your oven and let it heat up for 30 to 45 minutes. Once time is up, allow the oven to cool completely and then wipe down. That's it. Your oven is now "seasoned" and ready for its 1st cook.

Propane or Wood:

Whether you choose the gas or wood version of the Stoke Pizza oven depends on your preference. I have the 13" gas powered Stoke (I cannot wait to get the 16" - the possibilities of what you can make (besides pizza) are almost limitless) and I absolutely love the convenience that the gas option provides. It connects to any 15 or 20 lb. propane tank and heats up to 900F in only 20 minutes. All Stoke Pizza Ovens come with a temperature gauge to monitor the heat and options to control the heat. With the gas powered oven, you simply control the heat by adjusting the knobs. If you choose the wood powered oven, you will have to use the chimney vent to control the airflow and temperature. While I have not used the wood oven, Stoke says it can be operated with wood pellets, small pieces of wood, or a mixture of charcoal and wood. The varying fuel options are definitely a plus. Again, whether you choose gas or wood is a personal choice. I have used the gas oven and can confirm it is an absolutely amazing oven, so I wouldn't expect anything less from the wood oven. 

Cooking with the Stoke? 

Stoke claims that the oven will heat to 900F in 20 minutes. This is a true statement. This bad boy gets hot quick. I would recommend having a digital thermometer on hand to check the temperature of the baking stone, as it may vary some from the temperature closer to the heat source. Allow the stone to reach at least 800F before attempting to cook a pizza to ensure you get that crisp crust that everyone loves. 

 Pizza and Wings cooked in the 13" Gas Powered Stoke Pizza Oven

As you can see from the images above, you are not limited to making just pizza. You are really only as limited by your imagination. If you do want to make pizza, once you have allowed the oven to reach 900F, your pizza will be ready in as little as 2 minutes. I will tell you from experience...make sure and rotate your pizza every 20 to 30 seconds. The Stoke puts out some serious heat and you can burn your pizza very easily. I experienced a 1st pizza learning curve with that myself. As with anything, the more you use the oven the better you will get, and you will be making amazing pizza in no time. 

As I said above, you are not limited to making pizza. I have used my Stoke to cook cast-iron deep dish pizza, pasta, roasted wings, roasted veggies, and more. And all in the 13" version. I am stoked about getting the 16" version and seeing what awesome things I can make in the bigger oven. 


 Cost and Value:

If the details up to this point have not been enough for you to decide on the Stoke Pizza Oven, then the cost and overall value should help in making your final decision. To put it into perspective, I compared the 13" gas powered Stoke to the Ooni Karu 12 Pizza Oven (I own both, so they were the easiest to honestly compare). 

At the current cost, the 13" Stoke is only $345 for a bundle that includes: free cutter and pizza peel, free carry cover, free pizza ingredients, a 365 day trial, and a lifetime guarantee. You honestly will not find a better deal anywhere on the market. The 13" wood burning oven runs the same cost, and you can purchase the 16" gas powered Stoke Pizza Oven for only $475.99, all accessories included ($165 value).

In comparison, the Ooni Karu 12 comes in at $399 (wood-burning only) and does not include any of the accessories that are included with the Stoke. For an extra $99, you can buy an attachment for the Karu 12 that will allow it to be both wood and gas powered, which is a pretty cool feature. However, with the added $99, plus the cost of the added accessories included with Stoke, you are looking at over $660 for the multi-fuel option, or over $560 for the wood burning version only. Having used both, I can say that the Ooni Karu 12 is a good oven, but for the cost and value, is blown out of the water by the Stoke Pizza Oven. 

Collage of images of Stoke Pizza Oven

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