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Solo Stove Ranger: Product Review

Solo Stove Ranger: Product Review

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Whether you are thinking about going camping, visiting the beach, or are just looking for a backyard fire-pit, then look no further than the Ranger, from Solo Stove. This compact, portable, wood-burning fire-pit is one of my favorite new products. Solo Stove’s Signature 360-degree Airflow Design makes the Ranger an extremely efficient fire-pit that produces a very minimal amount of smoke. The design of the airflow helps the fire burn more evenly as well, leaving almost nothing but ash, which makes for nice and easy clean-up.  To put it simply, the Ranger from Solo Stove does not fail to impress. Whether you are talking about packaging, portability, storage, or ease of use, the Ranger is top of the line. Oh yeah, and it has a Lifetime Guarantee.

First off, let me say I was very impressed with how my new Solo Stove came packaged. It was very well protected, but not to frustrating to get into. Being so compact and portable, it didn’t require a ton of packaging so there isn’t a ton of mess to clean up. And the set up was probably easier than getting it out of the box (you can watch the set up in the video above). You can go from in the box to ready to light in 5 minutes.

The Ranger is both portable and easy to store. It can be brought on camping trips or outings without taking up too much space, and at only 15 lbs., it can be moved short distances with ease. A convenient carrying case is provided for both trips and storage at home as well. 

Another great thing about the Ranger from Solo Stove is the ease of use. The Signature 360-degree Airflow design not only makes starting a fire easy, but it also helps make sure the fire stays burning and burns with minimal amounts of smoke. Once you get the fire going, all you have to do is sit back and watch the amazing flames. The fire ring on top helps keep the flame contained and provides nice concentrated heat for roasting marshmallows, warming your hands, or even cooking dinner.  If you are using it at home, or on property you don’t want to burn, you can also purchase a stand to keep the Ranger off the ground.

Being a Dude, who loves food, and cooking with fire, my favorite part of the Solo Stove Ranger are the available grill and griddle attachments. I mean, there is nothing like cooking over an open fire, and having that option in a convenient, easy to pack and carry fire-pit is unbelievable. Solo Stove offers cast iron grill, wok, and griddle attachments which can be purchased as a bundle with the Ranger Stove, or individually. Like the Ranger Stove itself, connecting the grill attachment is extremely simple and takes almost no time.  The big question is, how does it cook?

 To test it, I used the cast-iron grill to cook some choice picana steaks. The key to cooking with the Ranger is letting the fire burn down. If you try and cook on it too soon, the flames will simply burn the food. However, once you the let the coals get just right, the Ranger becomes an awesome grill. With 14.25 in. of cooking surface diameter, and the concentrated heat provided by the signature airflow, the Ranger had no trouble passing the test (see pics below).

Ranger from Solo Stove
Overall, the Ranger from Solo Stove exceeded expectations. It is easy to transport, easy to use, and provides a beautiful fire. As an added bonus, with the grill, wok, or griddle attachment, the Ranger can become an open fire kitchen. Whether you are someone who likes to travel, camp, or just sit around a nice fire on a cool evening, I would highly recommend the Ranger from Solo Stove.